Our one-pound standard box of Hallelujah Toffee is our most popular gift at the holidays! Each pound is stirred by hand, delicately draped in milk chocolate and roasted almonds, and bundled snugly into our airtight packages.





Our half-pound of Hallelujah Toffee is delicately stirred, hand-poured, and topped with decadent milk chocolate and roasted almonds. Then, it is tucked into a sturdy box in a fully sealed package to guarantee lasting freshness.



We are an all-volunteer team with two main goals:

ONE: to give student scholarships to deserving, determined teenagers in Kenya

TWO: to take every opportunity to share the story of God’s adoption of them, and us.

100% of our profits go directly to 15 well-deserving students from the slums of Kenya, each with their own personal story of difficult circumstances and even stronger resolve. Affectionately referred to as our “Candy Kids,” these secondary students are now receiving a full year of education, room and board, mentoring, an emergency medical fund, a Christmas banquet, and three summer camp experiences during their holiday months.


With over 100 students now in the Bridge Ministries program and fifteen of those fully funded by Hallelujah Toffee, we are excited to see each year’s students moving closer and closer to fulfilling their dream of obtaining a high school diploma. These students rank in the top 5% nationally, despite facing dismal circumstances. Most of these students have grown up as orphans, young heads of households, or with a single surviving parent or relative.

Whether living in the slums in the city or rural villages far from the bustle of city life, all of them have fought adversity and intense poverty. As we all know, it’s trials that seem to bring out true character, and our students reveal hearts that are living for Someone other than themselves.

Our first graduates will complete their studies in December of 2014, and you can imagine our delight. As our older students move closer to finishing high school, our younger students are just beginning. As God provides funds, we finance the following year’s various tuitions in addition to adding 25 new students to the program each year.


Comprised of an all-volunteer staff, Hallelujah Toffee vows to dedicate countless summer and autumn hours to its mutually held passions – God, His love for the orphans, and education. Amazingly, we meet all of these goals with rich, nutty toffee!

In 2012, this homegrown candy company delicately stirred over 1,500 pounds of buttery, handmade goodness. And this past Christmas season, we hand-stirred, hand-poured, and hand-packaged over 2,000 pounds!

Read more about our team here.


The enticing aroma of slow-cooking toffee is begins to permeate our little valley in mid-October of each year. We cook it through Christmas Day and then, we put up our aprons until the following year. Though most of our sales are done online, if you are local, you can find Hallelujah Toffee at the following holiday locations:

Town of Minden Holiday WeekendFirst weekend in December, 2014 (TBA), 5 p.m. each night

Joyce’s Fine Jewelry, located at 1503 Main Street, Suite A, Gardnerville, NV 89410, throughout the holiday season. wrappedinred.com

A Capital Christmas, in downtown Carson City, Nevada. early December, 2014 (TBA) , near the ice skating rink.

Or just contact us! We can be reached online at hallelujahtoffee@gmail.com.
Or you can call 775-265-3390.
Our mailing address is P. O. Box 1958, Minden, NV 89423