About Us

Comprised of an all-volunteer staff, Hallelujah Toffee vows to dedicate countless autumn hours to its mutually held passions – God, His love for the orphans, and education. Amazingly, we meet all of these goals with rich, nutty toffee!

Last year, this homegrown candy company delicately stirred over 5,000 pounds of buttery, handmade goodness.

Hallelujah Gang-Minden

One hundred percent of our profits go directly to well-deserving students from the slums of Kenya, each with their own personal story of difficult circumstances and even stronger resolve. Affectionately referred to as our “Candy Kids,” these secondary students are now receiving a full year of education, room and board, mentoring, an emergency medical fund, and summer camp experiences during their holiday months. Students apply and receive acceptance into the scholarship and mentoring program through our nonprofit ministry, Bridge Ministries, located in Minden, Nevada.

This year, we are back at it again, aspiring to fund our kids’ education for another year while hopefully adding new students to the OneLife Africa program. With top-quality ingredients whipped to perfection and meticulously packaged by our team of over 70 volunteers, we savor this Christmas season as Hallelujah Toffee becomes gift and giver around the world.

Ironically, but perhaps not surprisingly, it is the givers at Hallelujah Toffee who feel so deeply blessed during the Christmas season. As we watch Hallelujah Toffee make its way across the country into Christmas stockings, shipping boxes, and corporate baskets, the members of this modern-day quilting bee can only respond with a “Hallelujah!” That something as whimsical as candy can be used to rescue destitute kids and bring communities together in service? Why, it’s almost like a Christmas miracle! Of course, the wonderful part about a miracle is that it always beckons us together, towards Him who loved us first, and defines true gift-giving.

Join us, if you’d like, as we watch the miracle unfold. Whether it’s through purchasing, word of mouth, or sharing our mission on social medias, we hope the wonder of Christmas miracles and perhaps even the whimsy of candy beckons you close this season.