Student Scholarships

“You have given me dignity in the society.“

-written in a thank-you letter to Bridge Ministries.

This is one reason we give scholarships. By doing so, we are saying with our actions, “We believe in YOU!” And we do! That is why we invest in these students.

Each scholarship consists of:

  • Full tuition for a year of secondary education
  • Meals and housing for the year
  • All school supplies required by their school, including specific clothing
  • An emergency medical fund, should any of our students require medical attention
  • A “summer camp” experience for all of our students, during their annual break.
  • A mentoring program tailor-made just for our students, to encourage spiritual growth, leadership, and tribal reconciliation. Ultimately, we hope to equip our students to serve in their own communities in the future.
  • Opportunities in the off-months to “pay it forward” to others in their communities. These opportunities are monitored and often coordinated by OneLife Africa. (Equivalent to a year-round schedule, the students have three breaks in the year – April, August, and December.)