Our Students

With over 100 students now in the Bridge Ministries program and many of those fully funded by Hallelujah Toffee, we are excited to see each year’s students moving closer and closer to fulfilling their dream of obtaining a high school diploma. These students rank in the top 5% nationally, despite facing dismal circumstances. Most of these students have grown up as orphans, young heads of households, or with a single surviving parent or relative.

Whether living in the slums in the city or rural villages far from the bustle of city life, all of them have fought adversity and intense poverty. As we all know, it’s trials that seem to bring out true character, and our students reveal hearts that are living for Someone other than themselves.

As our current, older students move closer to finishing high school, our younger students are just beginning. As God provides funds, we finance the following year’s various tuitions in addition to adding new students to the program each year.